Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Edge 24 - Slaughterday

Edge 24
by George G. Gilman (Terry Harknett)
Pinnacle 1977

Edge wanders into a town in the middle of a political struggle.  One side is the son of a shady land baron who previously ran the town, the other a newcomer who hires mercenaries as deputies and promises to sell the land to the townspeople.  With murky motivation, Edge settles in a hotel and shoots anyone that pisses him off.

Edge aligns himself with a black hotel owner, and the two discover that the prior landowner has paid of some vicious drunk Sioux Indians as muscle.  Everyone quickly figures out this is a bad idea, and all parties band together to face an invasion.

Some gruesome Indian torture and almost a full page description of the effects of a double barreled shotgun against a human torso.  This is my first Edge book, and I was less than impressed by the reputed humor of the character, consisting mostly of wry anachronistic puns.

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