Sunday, January 19, 2014

Epcot VIP Lounges - The Land

Pavilion: The Land
Sponsor: Kraft 1982-1992, Nestle 1993-2009, currently sponsorless
Features: lots of windows
Entrance: via the main elevator, to the third floor.  There's evidently a trick to getting the elevator to open without a pass or key or whatever.
As seen from outside: The windows can be seen at the top level inside the mall, I mean pavilion, above the Good Turn restaraunt.  Also from the Listen to the Land ride during the rainforest and farmhouse sequences.

Occasionally open as a passholder lounge.  Currently used for training classes and employee break room.  Here's a video of someone sneaking around:

And someone else sneaking around:

More at Dark Side of Disney.

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