Monday, February 24, 2014

Able Team 07 - Justice By Fire

Justice by Fire
Able Team 07
by Dick Stivers (GH Frost)
1983 Gold Eagle

able team 07 justice by fier

An El Salvadorean death squad is operating in the US.  After an activist attorney is assassinated and a reporter is threatened, a liberal congressman gets in touch with the Able Team, who assist in guarding the reporter and his witness.

Pretty much no plot here.  Able Team goes to a place, are followed by Black Nationalist and El Salvadorean death squads, stuff is blown apart, go to next place.  This isn't a bad thing.  The action scenes are among the better written ones, with some genuinely exciting stuff, and with anatomical details that rival most splatterpunk books.  Plenty of details on the effects of a grenade on the groin and legs and what damage can be done with the real star of the book, the Atchisson Assault Shotgun.

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