Monday, February 3, 2014

Angel Challenge

Angel Challenge
Angel Chronicles 2
by Mick Norman (Laurence James)
New English Library 1973

angel challenge mick norman

When last we left the Last Heroes in Angels From Hell, they had gone to Wales to meet up with a mythic Angels chapter.  The two chapters merged, so we have way too many y's and w's in the names.  The pendulum has swung, and now the police protect the rights of the criminals and bikers are popular anti-heroes.

Another bike gang has challenged the Last Heroes, the gay glam Ghouls, who are infinitely more interesting than our protagonists.  How do these two gangs duke it out for supremacy?  By solving highly literal puzzles in a race sponsored by a tabloid newspaper.  Oh, England.

There's a smidgen of violence, but mostly it's people dickering over the overly complex rules of the game.  This installment definitely misses the sleaze and fun of the first book.

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