Sunday, February 9, 2014

Executioner 048 - The Libya Connection

The Libya Connection
Executioner 048
by Don Pendleton (Stephen Mertz)
1982 Gold Eagle

This one's a few issues after Pendleton left the series and Mack Bolan joined up with the government to fight terrorism.  We could have used a recap, especially since this seems to be a continuation of the last book.  Bolan is after a crooked financier who has a former love interest of his hostage.

Bolan goes to a place, shoots some people, gets picked up, and told where the next place to go it.  We're in the 80s so there's lots of gun porn and Hueys.  Not much story and the writing ranges from flat to clunky.  And every chapter ends dramatically.

Every chapter.




It's good to see that both the phenomena and term "turkey meat" made the transition.

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