Monday, March 31, 2014

EPCOT VIP Lounges - Wonders Retreat

Pavilion: Wonders of Life
Sponsor: MetLife 1989-2001.  The pavilion closed in 2007
Features: Giant carousel painting, covered up circus decor
Entrance: via an elevator through the kitchen (see below)
As seen from outside: The windows running above and to the left of the old entrance to Cranium Command.

The entire pavilion is closed to the public except for special events like the Food and Wine and Flower and Garden Festivals.  The lounge itself is available for rent for special functions.
"another really cool place that may be a LOT harder to sneak into is the lounge/vip on the second floor of the wonders of life pavilion (yes there’s still stuff up there!) during food and wine festival (or flower festival, whenever wonders of life has events) there’s a curtain you go behind to get through a kitchen by where the restrooms are, and through there and to your right you get onto an elevator, at the top is a VIP lounge, a cool circus-y restroom, and a SWEET conference room that’s oval shaped and has a floor to ceiling mural of carousel horses. That would be quite a challenge to get to without running into a CM though. Also there’s the remains of some of the old attractions like Cranium Command and the queue for that, some parts still lit up (creepy.) I’m glad I got to see some of this stuff as a CP because I know I’m not ballsy enough to explore as a guest!! " - From Dark Side of Disney
More pictures at Zannaland here and here.

And learn more about the closed pavilion thanks to Martin Smith:

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