Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Angel Chronicles 3 - Guardian Angels by Mick Norman

Guardian Angels
Angel Chronicles 3
by Mick Norman (James Laurence)
1974 New English Library

Guardian Angels Mick Norman

This installment, set in the future year 198-, draws inspiration from the real life killing of a fan by a Guardian Angels working security during a Rolling Stones concert.  In the near future there's a trend of double bill acts, one aimed at teenies, one aimed at "middies", or middle aged women.  The women have become increasingly violent during these concerts, so promoters hire the Angels to work security.  There's a sleazy bit in the middle where they have their way with some underage groupies, chain them up, shave their heads, body paint them, and parade them on stage as a warning to the other fans not to misbehave.

It kind of fizzles out towards the end, but Laurence goes into overdrive with the inside jokes and obscure references, even dropping in Dinsdale the hedgehog and a dead parrot from Monty Python.

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