Monday, April 21, 2014

EPCOT VIP Lounges - American Adventure Parlor

American Adventure Parlor aka Chase Lounge
Pavillion: The American Adventure
Sponsor: Chase (see below); Coca Cola 1982-1998; American Express 1982-2002
Features: Chairs, soda
Entrance: To the right of the main entrance, two adjacent doors (elevator and stairs)
As seen from outside: The balcony windows behind the main signage

Chase sponsors the lounge via their sponsorship of the International Food and Wine Festival, beginning in 2013.  Prior to that I don't know if the lounge was for Coca Cola or American Express (or both or neither) as they had overlapping sponsorships.

The rest of the year it is available to rent for special events.  One can also rent the rotunda of the American Adventure attraction.

More pictures at Allears and Disney Everyday.

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