Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Things I Didn't Finish - The Amityville Mid-Life Crisis

My Amityville Horror, 2012

Daniel Lutz was one of the real life kids living in the real house of the fake Amityville Horror.  He's all grown up and he has some issues.

The Amityville Horror involves layers of embellishment added by writers and Hollywood, so I was interested in the take of one of the surviving principles, especially one that didn't have a financial interest in it.  I got just far enough to not trust a word this guy says.

Clip 1 - Daniel is at his therapist, who he promptly interrupts to let everyone know he has control issues and needs to be the center of attention.

Clip 2 - You're going to put in me playing guitar, right?  I bet a lot of industry people are going to see this!


From some quick reviews it looks like I made the right decision.  Lots more arguing with the therapist, lots more guitar, and more ridiculous claims, like something about his dad having telekinetic powers or something.  This might have some interest as one of those mean spirited documentaries that follow around some human train wreck, like Grizzly Man or Grey Gardens, but I don't think this was the angle they were going for.

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