Thursday, April 17, 2014

Victim City Stories 2 on sale for $1.99

Through this Saturday, Victim City Stories 2 is a Kindle Countdown deal, now at $1.99.

Pimps vs Farmboys, with the Bleeding Skull in the middle!

Bikers vs Militiamen, and the Murder Man pulls the strings!

Lost lovers look for lust in all the wrong places.

In this teeth grinding installment you’ll uncover

The procurers of Victim City have sunk to a new low, but they will learn that man can be the most debased of the beasts. Though beaten and in chains, they will find out that Every Dog Has His Day, Vengeance is the Bleeding Skull's.

Stan and Lisa are taking a vacation from their marriage, from their inhibitions, from their decency. But they can't get away from themselves, or their Suburban Shame.

Shamed Witness: Club Bounty - Terror on wheels is rolling through Victors Crossing, and the Murder Man, George Murdam, has a contract to put on the brakes.

38,000 sweat-drenched words of modern pulp crime, sex, and horror. On sale this week

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