Monday, May 5, 2014

EPCOT VIP Lounges - GE Executive Club at Horizons

GE Executive Club
Pavillion: Horizons
Sponsor: General Electric 1983-93, Sponsorless 1993-9
Features: A Twelve Foot TV and remote control cameras that gave a view of the park.
Entrance: To the right of the main entrance
As seen from outside: n/a?
"Back when I had a contract with GEISCO, it was enough pull to get me into the VIP lounge for Horizons. Other than the mandatory conference rooms and express passageway to the front of the Horizons line, there was also a big open area set up in living-room fashion, with some couches around a small console, and a large-screen TV. The console controlled a remote camera on the roof of Horizons, which could be used to view the rest of Epcot. This was circa 1988." 

"In the GE Sponsor Lounge/offices, one wall housed a large projection screen, connected to a high-quality camera on the roof. The "window" was remote controlled from inside, and gave some of the most spectacular views of the park...and broke quite often." 

The Epcot Discovery Center was evidently located there for a brief period in 1994 before moving to Innoventions.

"When I was 8 or 10 I went into the Horizons lounge (my dad works for GE) and I've recently visited it since the attraction has closed. They're now using it as a conference room and design studio for future plans for the building. The lounges also double as heat exaustion/small emergency rescue stations when guests HAVE to have immediate care. This is quite convenient, because the other parks actually have to take guest backstage in that event."
More on the camera at Mesa Verda Times.

For more about Horizons, check out Martin Smith's excellent tribute:

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