Thursday, May 1, 2014

Issue 3 of Victim City Stories

In this third bone grinding issue of Victim City Stories you’ll uncover -

Child predator and prey alike fear rumors of boogeymen in Victim City.  When the Bleeding Skull fights to bust up an online child solicitation ring he uncovers more than he was prepared to face.  When myths prove to be horrible reality - Suffer the Children Unto the Bleeding Skull.

Victim City Streets: Gnarled Alleys - The year is 198-.  The place, Victors Crossing.  A new gang and a new drug have hit the streets.  Detectives Menchaca and Foley serve their own brand of justice, but who will protect the children of Victim City when a bad cop gets worse?

Outsider Invasion: Abnormal Magic – Foreign cartels bring a new kind of evil to Victim City.  Will the Murder Man put a stop to the brutality or match it with his own?

46,000 eye-gouging words of brutal crime action.

Cartels, cannibalism, and necromancy.  Gangs, junkies, ninjas, and vigilantes.

You'll find it here in Victim City, the town that fear calls home.

Available for kindle, $2.99

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