Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Bounty Hunter Series

The Bounty Hunter by Tiny Boyles and Hank Nuwer

The Bounty Hunter series grew out of a 1979 article in soft porn mag Oui magazine about Tiny Boyles, a fat, hairy, tough guy bounty hunter who evidently has a habit of embellishment.

Playboy Paperbacks got non-fiction writer and journalist Hank Nuwer to ride along with Tiny and write a series of action novels very, very loosely based on his exploits.

The hero of the series is Tiny Ryder, the fat hairy ex-biker bounty hunter.  He's assisted by the near mute Hammer and two of his friends from the orphanage: country western musician Jerry Jeffers and journalist Foster Foster.  Tiny works for Hollywood bondsman and Mormon Joey Hudson, although he spends little time actually tracking fugitives.

Most of the wordage is spent on banter and anecdotes amongst the gang, which is very well done, making me wish that Nuwer did more fiction - he specializes in non-fiction about sports and hazing.  There's a decent amount of action, but Nuwer tends to rush through it, ending action sequences within a page or two.  Also, lots of sex, probably at the demand of Playboy Paperbacks.

This is the most unsettling part, as it shift in tone from friendly good-ol'-boy rutting to brutal underage rape within a few pages, making this possibly the sleaziest Men's Adventure series.

1 The Deadliest Profession 1981
2 A Killing Trade 1981
3 Wild Ride 1982
4 Blood Mountain 1982

Here's Mr. Nuwer's recollections on his website.

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