Saturday, June 7, 2014

Chikara recap

Chikara was shut down June 2013 and came back May 2014.  In the meantime we've had the related "Wrestling Is..." promotion, a Youtube series, a feature film re-edit of the basically the same free Youtube series, and the official recap on the Chikara website.

None of which bothered with explaining why Chikara was shut down and how it came back.

Until this:

To recap: an evil corporation owns Chikara, and the son of that owner is jerky booker Wink Vavasseur.  Wink pisses people off, who in turn reveal that the parent company of the evil corporation is building a white supremacist training camp.  Chikara is shut down to keep this quiet.

So the pretend corporation is evil for pretend shutting down Chikara, but Mike Quackenbush is an innovative genius for shutting down Chikara in real life.

Icarus rushes his hinted at face turn and goes around standing at places to get Chikara back.  However, none of the wrestlers have anything to do with Chikara's return.  Chikara superfans go on a scavenger hunt, discovering documents exposing the training camp, and the corporation sells Chikara at auction to wash their hands of it.  Who bought it?  Don't know.  If Chikara was sold at the end of 2013, why did it take six months to have a show?  Don't know.

The above Youtube recap is the only official account of all this, and it's already old news.  The new story is the Flood, which is a bunch of rudos ganging up on Chikara, kind of like the GEKIDO who are basically the same thing.

It's looking like we can already ignore the Heroes Reborn of the indie wrestling world and just jump back in. 

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