Wednesday, June 25, 2014

TV Horror Anthology - Freddy's Nightmares

First off, this show is horrible.  Just bad.  Cheap, poorly written, and poorly acted.  If you like Freddy, he's not in it enough.  If you hate Freddy for single-handedly destroying the horror film for over a decade, seeing him as a Cryptkeeper knock off won't improve your opinion of him.

Having said that, there is a certain charm to it.  It has the same sleazy vibe as other syndicated horror series of the late 80s, like Friday the 13th and War of the Worlds.  Strangely, while in the theater Freddy's yucking it up, here he's explicitly a child molester in addition to a child killer, something the R rated movies avoided.

Freddy isn't in most of the stories, and when he does appear it's a badly done double.  I think Englund only showed up for the promos.

Instead of Freddy, we get two Tales from the Crypt/Darkside/whatever type stories to stretch it out to an hour's length.  Unusually, and possibly uniquely, the two stories are related.  Sometimes they just segue with a minor character bridging them, in others the two stories intertwine for several minutes.

I didn't look super hard, but about the only place you can watch this is on the channel Chiller.  No YouTube, no Netflix, no Amazon.

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