Friday, June 13, 2014

Victim City Stories Issue 1 Free Friday and Saturday

This Friday the 13th (and Saturday the 14th), try your luck with a free kindle copy of Victim City Stories Issue 1.  

In this teeth grinding installment you’ll unveil -

The Bleeding Skull searches for a missing college student, but what he uncovers will shock even the citizens of Victim City.  Thrill to the adventure of The Chains That Bind, The Skull That Bleeds

Teenagers push all the limits and break all the rules at a party weekend in an abandoned lake house, but there are some lines you can't uncross.  Cringe to sex slasher shame in Beer Bong Bloodbath

When someone tries to play a deadly game with George Murdam, the Murder Man plays rough.  Recoil from the crime horror of Violation: Red Holes

No word is wasted bringing you the best in pulp action
No nerve is untouched unveiling the worst in crime depravity
No line is uncrossed giving you a frank look at what happens behind closed doors

You’ll find it all in Victim City, the town that fear calls home.

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