Monday, July 14, 2014

Queue Review - Autopia

Let's start with a lesser queue - the Autopia and its equivalents, which exist at all five Disney parks.  Disneyland California had several incarnations of the ride, many of which existed at the same time.  In order of increasing bettertude we have in last place -

Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland Speedway

A brief covered switchback that dumps you onto an uncovered ramp.  A titch of racing theming, but not much going on.

Tokyo Disneyland - Grand Circuit Raceway

Can't find any video, but from what I can tell it's pretty much exactly the same as Magic Kingdom, only maybe a little nicer.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Autopia

More ramps, but a little nicer.  And it's covered.

Disneyland Paris - Autopia

This is my favorite themed of the Autopia's, with a fifties retrofuturistic touch.  I like the proximity to Space Mountain.  I also like the viewing area, which looks to be a little circular island among the tracks.  The queue, meh.

Disneyland - Autopia

Mostly uncovered ramps, but I prefer ramps to switchbacks.  Also, there's a little indoor section with animations of talking cars, not Cars, just cars.  I imagine this decision has something to do with the sponsor Chevron.  The loops are short enough to get mind numbingly annoying if one was to spend more than thirty seconds at any one spot.  The fact that the last vignette involves someone being annoyed by a wait in line doesn't help.  Not much, but it puts Disneyland in the lead.

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