Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Escaped the Robots of Inner Earth

From the pages of Victim City Stories, Ernest Castle brings us his cautionary tale - I Escaped the Robots of Inner Earth!  A Warning to America and Other Democracies.

Accused of causing an accident that killed dozens of construction workers, for the first time in print Ernest Castle gives his side of the story of what really happened below the surface of Victors Crossing.  This is the story of the lone survivor of that fatal day, and his claims will challenge your understanding of reality.

Another world darkly mirrors our own in the miles of tunnels that honeycomb the Earth's mantel.  Slaves bow at the whip of cruel masters, their bodies twisted and perverted by abandoned alien technology.  Uncover what ungodly threat festers below our very feet.  Recoil as you witness human flesh sculpted by mad desire.  Shiver as you learn what threatens the innocence of our youth.  Weep for the future of Man if this menace cannot be thwarted.

Science fiction?  Or horrifying fact?  Can you prove it didn't happen?

Over 6,600 words of desperate peril, bold heroism, and a depraved villainy.

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