Monday, August 11, 2014

Queue Review - Peter Pan's Flight

Probably my second least favorite queue after Astro Orbiters, if only because it's inexplicably long.  Despite having an omnimoverish load at Magic Kingdom, it seems to have one of the longest wait times.

Tokyo Disneyland

Here's a video I can't embed from 1998, but other pictures I've found show there's been no changes.  A boxy switchback to a narrow ramp to the ride.  One themed side, and the rest looks to be bare and smooth drywall.  There's a little moving Tinkerbell at the load area, which may be unique.

Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom

One loooong line that goes down the building and back.  Like Tokyo there's an omnimover, and here there's slightly better themeing in the area.  Both Magic Kingdom and Tokyo have a jungle theme in the load and slaps you straight into Wenby's bedroom.  They're in the process of putting in an interactive queue, but construction shots so far just show more rails.


No omnimover, but the facade is a little nicer, and there's a better transition as the ship flies through a window to get to Wendy's bedroom as opposed to just jumping sets.

Disneyland Paris

Pretty much the same as Disneyland, but slightly nicer.

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