Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fictional Books - The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow
First appeared in The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chalmers, 1895

True Detective may be the best show I will never watch.  There are two mumbling, southern, stoner actors that are fine performers who I have an unjustifiable dislike of, and they are both on this show.  Somehow this southern gothic raids Ambrose Pierce and all of the other authors who have raided him, from Robert W. Chalmers to HP Lovecraft to Thomas Ligotti.

Chambers wrote "The King in Yellow", an anthology of stories loosely connected by a mysterious play, "The King in Yellow", which drives its readers insane.  I listened to the Librivox of it and I couldn't tell you a thing that happened - most 19th century literature needs one's full attention.

Since nobody likes detailing and ruining the mysterious and inexplicable like latter day Cthulhu Mythos writers, The King in Yellow becomes an actual entity with a tentacle face or something.

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