Sunday, September 14, 2014

Killing the business

In this episode of Art of Wrestling, Mike Quackenbush talks about why he shut down Chikara for a year to promote a scavenger hunt and charge money for a free youtube series.  He didn't get to the part of why he had to stop shows and why he couldn't do the same angles with shows, and how not promoting your product will help promote your product, or why I should pay $20 for a comic book that was already mostly free, but he did get to the part about how he is innovative and a trailblazer.  Now we see big companies like TNA copying him by going off the air.  I've got both of them beat by not promoting a wrestling company for decades.

Quackenbush makes the mistake of reading comment boards and whines a bit about people like me, that we're babies that want our bottle back.  Well, fair enough, but then he brings up Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man, in which Doctor Octopus mind-switches with Peter Parker before his body dies, thus killing him off and replacing him as Spider-Man.  Sound like somebody had a bet they could beat the Clone Saga.

Here's some nerd cred.  I've read every Marvel multiverse comic up to around 2011 with the exception of Conan, the 60s westerns, some Italian language stuff, and the back-up Hulk story in Smash #38.  Marvel 2099, MC2, Marvel UK, Ultimate Marvel, all of it.  Additionally, I was reading every DC comic as it came out.

A lot of comics, not much time, so something had to give.  DC made it easy by suddenly throwing away 80 years of various levels of continuity and starting over, except they didn't reboot Batman, which needed rebooting (Batman was hanging out with his 11 year old psychopathic son and I think about to retire anyway).  It seemed to be some kind of effort to bring in rich hipsters who ran out of things to buy for their iPhones.  Maybe it worked.

I was over a year behind in Marvel comics.  Dark Reign, one of the best events in comic history, had come to an end, and all the titles seem to be floundering a bit, trying to find their footing.  I hear about Marvel Now, which I feared was a DC style reboot.  I read ahead a little and found that it was just a renumbering, where they start the title over at #1 while keeping the same story going.

Then I hear media reports of the Doc Oc nonsense.  In the past, Doc Oc had almost married Aunt May, died and was resurrected by ninjas, created a female virtual reality but in the real world version of himself or something, and cured AIDS, so I knew that this was a stupid thing that end up getting reversed, which it looks like just recently happened after like a year and a half.

The Avengers movie was OK, but I knew they would mess with the comic continuity to make it fit.  Then we get a SHIELD TV show that has Maria Hill as it's sole Marvel character.  I took this a sign and haven't read a comic since.  I'm sure Marvel is weeping in their billions over it.

Chikara came back.  With Jimmy Jacobs and Kizarny.  The Batari are faces somehow.  Icarus is a pure face, not a likable rogue or cheerable villain, a full on John Cena face.  Every angle and storyline gets dropped, and in the three show I watched the only new angles were "Flood is coming" and "Quackenbush is awesome".  I guess some of the ants still don't like each other.  A mostly shenanigans free match between the Submission Squad and the Throwbacks.  A shenanigans free match from Robert Evans, who is also pure face.

What is added are a dozen more hipster mustache bags and more Kool Aid drinking than ECW.  Unless I can find more Dramatic DDT online, it looks like we'll be saying goodbye to pro-wrestling here at Trash Menace.

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