Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Endworld 01 - Fox Run

Fox Run
by David Robbins
Endworld 01
Leisure Books 1986

Post apocalyptic survivors venture out of their compound for the first time in a hundred years.  Eventually.  A lot of planning, a little killing mutated wildlife, and a lot of talking.  Just before our heroes are about to leave, the compound is raided by Trolls, who end up being the offspring of a home for the mentally retarded.

The Trolls capture some women and vaguely menace them with rape.  There are pages upon pages of:

"What are you going to do with me?"
"You'll find out.  You'll have to do...dishes!"
"Oh no!"
"And other things that a woman does, like...laundry!"
"And the other thing a woman is good for is -"

Etcetera.  I thought Robbins was just being way too coy, but then he had the captured women be tested to see if they were strong enough to withstand the horrible things the Trolls had in mind...by having them compete in track and field events.  So maybe no implied sexual slavery and I just have a dirty mind.

The whole thing was pretty light hearted and non-political for the genre.  Aside from blaming the collapse of civilization on premarital sex, no liberal blaming or even mention of Communism.  The action was way too brief, with "blink and you'll miss it" action scenes.

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