Thursday, February 26, 2015

Herne the Hunter 3 - The Black Widow - by John McLaglen

The Black Widow
Herne the Hunter 3
by John McLaglen
Corgi 1977

Jed Herne is a gunslinger riding the vengeance trail avenging the gang rape that left his wife and neighbor dead.  Accompanying him is Becky, the fifteen year old daughter of his dead neighbor.  This installment has him stalking the last two perpetrators - two rich, spoiled, psychotic twins.  One's gay and the other is a heroin addict, and both have a creepy Oedipal vibe with their overprotective mother.

Added to the mix is Whitey Coburn, Herne's albino, gunslinging friend who's been hired to bring Herne in.  This one is a titch milder than most of the Piccadilly Cowboys I've read, and Herne is a lot less amoral than most of these heroes.  Some decent action, a little sleaze with our villains, and of course lengthy descriptions of bullet trajectories.

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