Monday, June 29, 2015

Disney's Most Dated - Ellen's Energy Adventure

Few creations are timeless enough to be enjoyed steadily through the decades.  Most go through phases of being cutting edge, new, around, tired, tacky,  embarrassing, ironic, kitsch, nostalgic, and if they're lucky, a standard.

Some attractions manage to skip a lot of the middle.  Take the Country Bears.  This was made in a direct response to a fad for hillbilly music in the 60s, but nobody knows that now.  People either like it or don't, but it doesn't feel dated.

Let's start with an attraction that has beaten the odds so far but is just barely hanging on: Ellen's Energy Adventure.

This has three major elements that had no right being popular past the 1990s - Ellen Degeneres, Bill Nye, and Jeopardy.  If anything, Ellen and Nye are even more respected now.

Defying all odds, this attraction has aged rather well.  We'll some that haven't in later installments.

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