Friday, July 17, 2015

The Booby Hatch by John Russo

The Booby Hatch
by John Russo
2014, Burning Bulb Publishing

A novelization of his own 1976 sex comedy, evidently written (or rewritten) almost 40 years later.  And it shows.  Sex comedies films tend to fail on both counts, and a print version of one doesn't even show skin.

The limited plot involves a stupid woman who works as a tester at a sex toy factory.  She lives with her closeted transvestite boyfriend and ends up with a male tester who is having impotence problems.  Mostly, she just gets raped a lot.  And not in a dubious, Benny Hill kind of way.  Full on violent rape by sexual predators.  Hilarious stuff.

To make it more uncomfortable, Russo steps in as narrator to add some commentary to imply that he knows that maybe this isn't that funny of a topic in 2014, then proceeds to do it anyway.  The same could be said for the wacky Italian dialect.

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