Thursday, August 20, 2015

Doctor Death by Herb Fisher

Doctor Death
by Herb Fisher
Doctor Death 1
1988 Berkley

A Vietnam vet rancher accidentally kills a mob boss' son in a fight.  After a botched hit, the mob sends a whole crew to his house, and Doctor Death has to protect his family from the siege like he fought off the VC years ago.

Fairly well written, but in kind of a serious, literary style which doesn't quite fit with the cliche subject matter.  It was originally a screenplay, and it shows.  I'm also guessing it took a long time to see daylight, as the "Vietnam vet faces violence back home" thing was long played out by 1988.  The story itself references that one of his kids was born while he was in the service, which dates the setting to more like 1980.

The siege was competently handled, and it was well written enough that the text didn't drag even though precious little actually happens, but nothing here especially thrilled me.  There are three more in the series.

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