Sunday, October 18, 2015

Work in Progress being posted at WriteOn

Amazon has a new Wattpad style site called WriteOn for works in progress, and I figured I'd give it a try for my next novel - the working title right now is Dead Territories.
Pitts City has always been a violent town. That was before Syndicate boss Ritchie Tears declared war on women, slaughtering them by the score. When the Syndicate gains the power to raise the dead, no one is safe. In a city where the police are decimated and the FBI are helpless, Detective Rebecca Simons pays the ultimate price to stop the ultimate evil.
 It's not set in the Victim City continuity, as there are some laws of physics being broken and some world-altering events.  Feel free to follow the progress, or hang around for a year or so for the final product.


  1. How are you finding WriteOn? I'm taking a novel writing class and will be doing that 50000 words in a month thing. I thought something online might be better than the notebook, slips of paper, and Office word for keeping me organized. Would you recommend?

  2. It's here - If you're not interested in the social media / feedback parts and just want a place to type, I'd just use google docs. Writeon doesn't have a lot of formatting options.