Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Things I Didn't Finish - Bite by Richard Laymon

by Richard Laymon

Not sure why I picked this one up.  After witnessing his steady decline with the Beast House chronicles, I figured his early stuff was his best.  As time went on, the gory madness went down and the interminable interior monologues and obsessions with tedious admin went up.  1991's One Rainy Night was tolerable (albeit with overlong clothes changing scenes), but sometimes I think I'm still reading the posthumous 2005 Glory Bus.

A guy answers the door to find his ex-girlfriend and one true love in a bathrobe.  She asks him to kill a vampire.  He does, which starts the most tedious body disposal scene since Pulp Fiction.  Laymon's obsession with intimately detailed changing scenes turns up again, as characters spend page upon page worrying about what clothes to wear before, during, and after the killing.

Looking at plot synopses later it looks like I dodged a bullet.  The entire novel is about disposing of that stupid body, like if The Trouble With Harry crossbred with 90s psycho road trip.

I'll have to go back to his analog stuff and work my way forward.

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