Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Loch Ness Terror by Bron Fane (Lionel Fanthorpe)

The Loch Ness Terror
by Bron Fane (Lionel Fanthorpe)
Supernatural Stories 38 1960

Part of a series involving reporter of the supernatural, Val Stearman.  Stearman receives news of a Loch Ness Monster sighting and visits a professor, who fills some pages with Loch Ness lore.  The professor recognizes Stearman from his articles:

"Don't I remember you from the black magic cult incident?"
"Yes, that was me."
"And then you faced a ghoul in the next issue."
"Right again."

At least ten times by my count.  Ten f*$#ing times he recaps prior issues.  We're now almost 2/3rds of the way through the "story".

Stearman goes scuba diving in the Loch and gets snatched up in Nessie's mouth.  Nessie takes him to an underwater grotto and psychically send him visions of men shooting down and slaughtering Loch Ness monsters.  Stearman returns to the shore and was it all an hallucination?

Horrible, just horrible.  It's like he's been told to write a story, obstinately refuses to and just rambles for pages, then reluctantly gives us two pages of "stuff" before slamming it shut.  If anything, it's harder to drag out nothingness for that long as opposed to just making up a story.

I'm glad I read more Fanthorpe before blowing all my allowance on all the cheap ebooks available on Amazon.  I can't even hate-read him anymore.

If you hate yourself as much as Lionel Fanthorpe hates the reading public, you can read it for free here.

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