Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Marauders by Michael McGann

The Marauders
by Michel McGann
The Marauders 1
Jove Books 1989

A spin-off of The Guardians, which I haven't read.  Set in a very generic post-nuclear world, the Marauders are a paramilitary squad sent to Europe to foil various Soviet plots.  Let's meet the gang:
  • "Crazy" Jack Keenan, the leader.  Red hair, blue eyes, 32 inch waist, masters in chemistry and physics.
  • Thomas Bee: Hopi Indian and 'Nam vet, uses a crossbow and shuriken.
  • Winston "Buddha" Chan: bald Mongolian sniper.
  • Farouz "Freddie" Mamudi: He's the one holding his rifle like a game show model.  Sunni Muslim Afghan polygamist with a penchant for novelty glass eyes.  And, yes, this was a good guy in 1989.  I miss Communism.
  • Peter Kinski: Electronics expert with a pompadour.

The gang goes to Scotland to assist the local resistance, stop the Soviets from gaining control of the offshore oil rigs, and to hang out in the pub.  Apocalypse be damned, folks still go down to the local.

Not much scene setting and the action was horribly written, but he manages some spurts of literary flourish in a couple of scenes, one when Jack's tortured and another of Bee talking about his 'Nam days.

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