Thursday, February 15, 2018

Trash Menace Gallery: Terror Tales, The Violent Ones, The Possessors

Terror Tales, January-February 1937

The Violent Ones by Howard Hunt
It was a red fury that drove Paul Cameron to Paris, into a maelstrom of intrigue and violence. In the center of that whirlpool he found a flaming nightclub singer, a fortune in illegal gold—and quick death on every side. Here is a novel that carries you with breathless speed into an exciting adventure that will leave you breathless by story’s end. 

The Possessors by John Christopher
When the storm rages and the avalanche cuts off power and phone lines, no one in the chalet is particularly bothered. There are kerosene lamps, a well-stocked bar and food supplies more than adequate to last them till the road to Nidenhaut can be opened up. They’re on holiday after all, and once the weather clears they can carry on skiing.

They do not know, then, that deep within the Swiss Alps, something alien has stirred: an invasion so sly it can only be detected by principled reasoning.

The Possessors had a long memory … For aeons which were now uncountable their life had been bound up with the evanescent lives of the Possessed. Without them, they could not act or think, but through them they were the masters of this cold world. 

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