Monday, March 26, 2018

TM Gallery: The Enemy Within, The Park is Mine, Beyond the Veil

Hawk 8: The Enemy Within by Dan Streib
Hawk is faced with the most calamitous case of his danger-ridden career. His friend, President Warren Stone, is losing his sanity—and control of the country.

The streets are in turmoil. The Russians are advancing on the Mid-East oil fields. And Hawk’s being shot at from all sides: the FBI, the CIA, the KGB, and a golden-haired beauty.

It’s Hawk’s job to discover if the President’s loss of sanity is for real, or it it’s been brought on by a deadly enemy within—before the world is engulfed by the fireball of a nuclear holocaust.

Michael Hawk is an investigative journalist with a knack for getting the scoop. Part Anderson Cooper, part Indiana Jones, with all of James Bond’s magnetic charm, he saves the day and gets the girl in the end.

The Park is Mine

A vietnam vet (Tommy Lee Jones) takes forceful control of Central Park to remember those who served and died in the Vietnam War.

Beyond the Veil by Neil Thanet (Lionel Fanthorpe)
Valli had always lived for the Dance. She expressed her very soul through the sinuous, mystic movements that were as old as the East itself. Like all true artists she was a perfectionist. Her mind, as lithe as her body, was always searching for new material. At last she discovered a temple, old and deserted, hidden by Time and the mysterious, impenetrable jungle. In the temple she saw a series of carvings depicting an ancient sacred dance. It was a dance such as she had never imagined possible. Slowly at first and then with increasing speed she began to copy the movements recorded so faithfully by the timeless stone.
A strange feeling possessed her as the rhythm of the ancient dance obsessed her whole being. Dark beings of terrifying supernatural aspect glided from the crumbling walls an joined in the ancient rhythm.
Not until it was too late did Valli realise that the Forbidden Dance had resurrected forces of cosmic evil which had been sleeping in the lost temple.

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