Monday, April 16, 2018

TM Gallery: Sexurbia County, Magnetic Brain, Cyborg IV

Sexurbia County by Orrie Hitt
It's 1960. Tony Benton found flaming passion in the arms of honey-haired, hot-lipped Ruth Kennedy, who floated around in a golden Cadillac. Ruth's husband ran Burk County, the fashionable sexurb filled with thrill-hungry sin-hunters who stopped at nothing to satiate their jaded appetites. Sex, unlimited, brought cash to Burk County, and Tony soon learned that working its crimson nights paid off in dollars and dolls.

But Tony had complications - jet-haired Connie Davis, to whom bedded bliss meant marriage, and bewitching Elsie Grines, his boss' daughter, and Amy Slade, who was callously victimized by the town's penchant for sin.

Another brutally frank novel of 1960's sizzle, by the legendary Orrie Hitt, about men who left their consciences in the city, and women who checked their morals at the supermarket. 
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Magnetic Brain by Volsted Gridban
In a unique plot - as original as it is weirdly sinister - he tells of the effects of a guinea-pig experiment on the brain of an Earthman, severely injured when his spaceship crash-landed on Mars. With the help of the new wonder metal, niridium, the planet's greatest surgeon effected a trepanning operation on the victim's brain. In doing do he endowed the hitherto shy and diffident Timothy Arnside with the dangerous gift of being able to read the inmost thoughts of his fellow mortals. How the Earthman used and abused that gift is the foundation for a graphically moving story that culminates in a denouement as unexpected as it is spectacular 

Six Million Dollar Man 6: Cyborg IV by Martin Caidin
"Here is 'The Six Million Dollar Man' in a space adventure of the near future in which Cyborg Steve Austin races against time and technology to protect U. S. Military security and his own life. Bionics man Steve Austin is now linked symbiotically to his own space vehicle 

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