Sunday, May 6, 2018

TM Gallery: Master of D.E.A.T.H., El Triunfo de los Campeones Justicieros, Automan

Track 7: Master of D.E.A.T.H. by Jerry Ahern
Paperback from AbeBooks

El Triunfo de los Campeones Justicieros
Mano Negra sends Akar and his squad of midgets to kidnap a bright scientist in order to get his formula to make some microbian cultures. However, the scientist has foreseen a situation like this and has given a part of the formula to each of his four daughters. When Akar learns about this, he sends the midgets - made invisible by virtue of a capsule invented by Mano Negra - to kidnap the girls. The masked heroes come to the rescue. 

I AM AUTOMAN. Walter Nebicher is the police department’s resident computer geek... his immediate superiors think Walter’s place is behind the desk and not on the streets. However, Walter has other ideas.
Walter’s expertise in computer programming is unparalleled and he creates a special program, "Automan, ", an artificially intelligent computer hologram that looks real, sounds real and given enough power can physically exist in the real world. Together, Walter and Automan along with Cursor, a small floating droid that creates any object Automan needs to, battle crime on the city streets. 

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