Thursday, December 6, 2018

Kaheesh by Nathan Butler

by Nathan Butler (Jerry Sohl)
1973 Fawcett

A family on vacation runs into a Hinduish holy man, Kaheesh.  The husband wants to study under him before becoming sick.  The wife is forced to sleep with Kaheesh or he will psychically increase her husbands fever.  Turns out she was his lover from previous incarnations.

Lots of telling, because good lord there's nothing to show.  The novel is packaged as a combination of sleaze and horror, and fails miserably on both fronts.  A titch of anxiety with Kaheesh influencing the family, nothing as scary as grandma giving all her money to a televangelist.  Tame sex sequences - after she gets back with her husband she shows her shameless adventurous side by having sex in the shower.

Nathan Butler is the name science fiction write Jerry Sohl used when writing sleaze, all of which has been reissued in ebook form.

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