Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tie-Ins: Universal Monsters

The Universal movie monster series were perhaps the first example of both convoluted sequels and a shared cinematic universe.  After sixty years Universal tried again with the seemingly scuttled Dark Universe series of awful horror movies.

Here are some standalone novelizations:

1935: Bride of Frankenstein by Phillip J. Riley
1954: Creature from the Black Lagoon by Russell Fearn as Vargo Statten
1980: Creature from the Black Lagoon  by E.K. Leyton (Walter Harris)
1980: Dracula's Daughter by E.K. Leyton

In the 70s and 80s there were multiple tie ins for young readers, not so much novelizations as stills of the film with a brief synopsis.  Those will be covered at another time

In 1977 Berkley Medallion released several novelizations under the name Carl Dreadstone:

  • Creature of the Black Lagoon by Walter Harris (reportedly different from the 1980 version for Star)
  • The Bride of Frankenstein by Ramsey Campbell
  • The Mummy by unknown
  • The Werewolf of London by Walter Harris
  • The Wolfman by Ramsey Campbell

Universal Monsters Trilogy (original monster mash stories)

  • 1998: Return of the Wolf Man by Jeff Rovin
  • 2000: The Devil's Brood by David Jacobs
  • 2001: The Devil's Night by David Jacobs

The Universal Studios Monster Book Series is for young readers and has a group of kids facing monsters who come to life at the Universal Studios theme park.  They were written by Larry Mike Garmon

  • 2001: Return of Evil: Dracula
  • 2001: The Wolf Man
  • 2001: Frankenstein: Anatomy of Terror
  • 2002: Book of the Dead: The Mummy
  • 2002: Creature from the Black Lagoon: Black Water Horror
  • 2002: Bride of Frankenstein

Dark Horse had a prose novel series:
  • 2006: Dracula: Asylum by Paul Witcover
  • 2006 The Shadow of Frankenstein Stefan Petrucha
  • 2006: Creature from the Black Lagoon: Time's Black Lagoon Paul Di Filippo
  • 2006: The Mummy: Dark Resurrection Michael Paine
  • 2007: Bride of Frankenstein: Pandora's Bride by Elizabeth Hand
  • 2007: The Wolfman: Hunter's Moon by Michael Jan Friedman

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Satan's Mummy by Henry Price

Satan's Mummy
Mummy Horror Series 1
by Henry Price (Garrett Cook)
Dynatox Ministries International 2014


A heart-eating mummy and his rapist dwarf assistant capture and kill women, bringing them back to life to torment them further.

The cover is a riff on the Frankenstein Horror Series, and the story is pure grindhouse.  I know that was a thing a few years ago for everything to be "grindhouse", but this actually succeeds, invoking Bloodsucking Freaks and Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks, instead of just photoshopping paper folds in the cover.

Three in a series, will check out the second at least.  The third seems to be paperback only at the moment.

Kindle ebook available from Amazon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

TV Obscura: Tiny Tim Australian TV Special 1970

Tiny Tim Australian TV Special 1970

Fun fact: Tiny Tim buried his stillborn child under a gravestone that read: "It"

TV Obscura: Casablanca

NBC 1983
5 episodes

Scatman Crothers is Sam to David Soul's Rick.  Also with Ray Liotta.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tie-Ins: The Persuaders

Yes, it was a horrible show, and every episode was almost identical, but I still love the Persuaders from the sheer onslaught of charm.  Roger Moore and Tony Curtis are two rich guys who solve crime or something.

There are three novelizations by Frederick E. Smith


Image result for Frederick E. Smith persuaders

Book One

book cover of Persuaders... Again

Book Two aka The Persuaders...Again

Image result for Frederick E. Smith persuaders

Book Three aka Persuaders at Large