Thursday, June 23, 2022

NRV: Tag Team Title Elimination Tournament

Announcing an eight title elimination tournament. A story or feature from each title will compete, with the lowest reviewed title will be eliminated until we crown our first Tag Team Champions.

Brought to you by John Bender's Chainsaw.

"In Chainsaw, Bender delivers a rollercoaster ride of redneck humor and blood-soaked visuals that dives deep into backwoods hilarity while going full-tilt duh in all the right spots. More fun than pass the cousin at a hillbilly reunion, Bender pulls out all the stops and pushes the envelope on toilet jokes, dirt road mentalities, and gory splashes of ineptitude."

Available from Amazon

Four titles were chosen by the commissioner and another four were picked randomly from the Trash Menace collection. In publication order:

Representing True Crime, Startling Detective Adventures

The pulps continue with Street & Smith Mystery Magazine

True Crime goes juvi with Teen-Age Gangsters

Complete Man gets things sweaty

Long time veteran Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine fights for it's spot. Still in print and available from Amazon.

Soldier of Fortune takes the occasional break from firearm accessory ads for features

And representing Fantasy we have a couple of Young Guns, Grimdark Magazine, available from Amazon.

And Savage Realms, also at Amazon

Six decades, eight titles, 35 stories, but only one magazine will bring home the belt as our inaugural Tag Team Champion.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

No Redeeming Value


Winner of an eight magazine elimination tournament will decide the Tag Team Champion.

Alien Nation will defend the TV title against Marvel.

Roald Dahl will run the gauntlet - last author standing becomes the Cruiserweight Champion.

A Fatal Four Way match to decide the Young Guns Champion.

Our first Series Showdown Champion Horn will face off against the six other genre series champions  - the top four will be our new European, Intercontinental, United States, and World Champions.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Announcing Trash Fiction Championship

 Announcing Trash Fiction Championship. Genre fiction reviews collide with the world of professional wrestling.

Matches, tournaments, and titles, so many titles!

Four main belts, open to all comers:
  • European
  • Intercontinental
  • United States
  • World
Four specialized belts:
  • Cruiserweight (short stories)
  • Tag Team (magazines)
  • Television (media tie-ins)
  • Young Guns (21st century)
Rule of thumb is after two successful title defenses, a specialized champion can compete for the main belts, and a main title holder can challenge the rank above them. An author can holder any number of belts simultaneously, but they remain fighting champions and must defend.

Books I don't finish are count outs, and an author retires or is out with an injury if I run out of books. Vacant titles will be decided by tournament. There will be a variety of match types - three way, four way, elimination tournaments, gauntlets, and enough special stipulations to make a TNA booker's head spin. There will be special events with jam packed cards and intrusive promotional consideration (promoting my and friends' stuff, nobody's gonna make a dime off this nonsense).

First event coming soon!

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Series Showdown: Viking vs Falcon

Both series slowed things down for the third installment, but Falcon kept up the momentum. Falcon splits the Viking up crotch to sternum.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Falcon 3: The Bloody Cross by Mark Ramsay

The Falcon 3
The Bloody Cross
by Mark Ramsay (John Maddox Roberts)

Draco Falcon travels to Paris, participates in a jousting tournament, and becomes King Philip's bodyguard. A lot of exposition on Templars, papal power, and currency. Like Renegade, this series has a good balance of pulp action and historical verisimilitude, but this one is a bit heavy on the explainy side.

Paperback from AbeBooks

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Vikings 3: Blood on the Sun by Neil Langholm

Vikings 3
Blood on the Sun (aka The Sun in the Night)
by Neil Langholm (Laurence James)
1975 Sphere

Erik Ragnarsson makes his way back home after failing to rescue his father from the Irish. He kidnaps and frees a British princess and challenges a neighboring village to recruit karls to his cause.

The weakest entry, with the highlights feeling like what would have been filler between set pieces in other installments. The first half centers around women fighting over Erik, culminating in a naked catfight, and the story even yadda-yaddas its way back across the Atlantic to the new world.

Paperback from Amazon

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Series Showdown: Mathew Swain vs Hook

Both series had a slump by the third installment, but Mathew Swain leaned into the private eye premise whereas Hook lost it's way. Hook is swarmed by explosive drones and Mathew Swain wins the Science Fiction division.