Wednesday, September 26, 2018

TV Obscura: Blue Thunder

The TV series of the movie that got beat by Airwolf, the knock-off TV series of the movie.  With Dana Carvey, Dick Butkus, and Bubba Smith.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tie-ins: Timecop

I watched a local premier of Pulp Fiction, and ended up sitting directly behind Quentin Tarantino and Richard Linklater.  I was excited about film in general, and this was shaping up to be the high of my movie going life.

Then the movie started.  Quentin promptly fell asleep, and I almost joined him.  Around hour four I thought to myself, what was the last movie I saw before this?  Timecop.  I wouldn't put Timecop in the top ten of Van Damme movies, and I'd struggle to name another nine.  It was still better than Pulp Fiction.  I was never bored and staring at the exit sign at Timecop.

While not the greatest, I did appreciate the little butterfly effect touches.  Every time Timecop came back to the present, little things would be different all over.  I guess the concept had legs.  The film was based on a comic, and there was a TV series based on the film, and a series of novels based on the series.

The series was written by Dan Parkinson and have neither Van Damme nor Ron Silver.  I haven't seen anything Timecop since the original airing.  I have seen Pulp Fiction, and my opinion has only gotten worse.

1994: Timecop by Steve Perry - novelization of the film

1998: Viper's Spawn by Dan Parkinson

1998: The Scavenger by Dan Parkinson

1999: Blood Ties by Dan Parkinson

Saturday, September 22, 2018

TM Gallery: Action Paperbacks

Phoenix Force 32: Fair Game by Gar Wilson
Political extremism runs rampant in Spain, unleashing a savage tidal wave of death and destruction. But when sixty innocents, including the family of a U.S. senator, are brutally massacred in the terrorist ambush of a tourist train, Phoenix Force is dispatched to Madrid on a mission of bloody retribution. Their "intrusion" greeted with hostile resentment by Spanish Security, the Force must dodge killing fire from both sides of the law- from a ruthless foe in front of them, and from vicious "allies" at their backs. 

The Executioner 276: Leviathan
When Mack Bolan goes undercover to destroy an offshore drilling rig that is being used as a narcotics manufacturing plant financed by corrupt CIA agents and the Mafia, the rig is attacked by otherworldly creatures who have a deadly mission of their own. 
Paperback from AbeBooks

Man on Fire by Bruce Douglas Reeves

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

TV Obscura: Shaping Up

With Leslie Neilsen, Jennifer Tilly, and Jake "Body by Jake" Jake.

TM Gallery: Movie Posters

Friday the 13th: The Orphan
A disturbed young man is plagued by horrific headaches that he believes make him commit murders. 

A mandroid (part man and part machine) seeks revenge on the evil scientist who created him. Enlisting the help of a beautiful woman and a mysterious ninja, he pursues the scientist in hopes of stopping him before he can further harm humanity.

Womens Prison Massacre
Emanuelle, a reporter, comes just a little too close to exposing a corrupt official, and is sent to prison on trumped-up charges. In the prison, the inmates are constantly humiliated and tortured by the prison staff. Overly affectionate prisoners are forced underwater, while others are obliged to look on. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

TM Gallery: Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks

How Like a God by Rex Stout
A brilliant novel about a sexual psychotic - his strange marriage, abnormal obsessions and dark desires 

Gang Girls by Jan Hudson
The horrible truth behind our teenage love gangs and their secret sex rites! . They came from the slums of depravity - young girls - unwanted, unloved - and they banded together because society was against them . Orgies were common, Lesbianism just another kick, rape a child's sport, until one man was able to prove truth - the hard way. 

Lustful Acts by Phillipe Durer
Until tonight with you, I lusted only for women. You've changed all that, and you shall profit from this change. But you must let me follow my need for women without showing any resentment. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

TM Gallery: Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks

Killer Dyke by Helen Morgan
Paperback from AbeBooks

Coed Camp by John Romero

The Divorcee by Ralph C. O’Hara MD
A Frank Survey of the Emotional Problems of Women Who Have Shed Their Husbands Via Divorce

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Scarred for Life: Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People
68 episodes
1973-1979 ITV

I want to like this show, a psychedelic 70s X-Men/Doctor Who hybrid knockoff, but the acting is just so, so bad, and for some reason the poor effects aren't even campy fun.  This managed to have two reboots, the latest in 2013.

Follow along with Scarred for Life Volume One available in ebook from Lulu.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tie-Ins: The Crow

Gothic Death Wish franchise The Crow started as a 1989 comic which was cool mainly just for having Joy Division quotes.  The movie inspired bad Halloween costumes for years and literally murdered star Brandon Lee, who managed to survive Laser Mission.  I rewatched the movie recently and thought it didn't hold up, until I remembered how much I hated it 25 years ago, and if anything my opinion on it has improved.  Except for Lee, he needed to spend more time kicking and less brooding like a sad clown.

The movies continued with increasingly bizarre casting, and a TV series continued the tradition of on-set fatal accidents.

The film was written by two 80s horror novelists, John Shirley and David J. Schow, and several other 90s favorites continued a series of novels, each of which has a different protagonist.

1994: Die Krahe by Kenneth Roycroft - German only

1996: City of Angels by Chet Williamson - novelization of the film

1998: Quoth the Crow by David Bischoff

1998: The Lazarus Heart by Poppy Z. Brite

1998: Clash by Night by Chet Williamson

1998: A Murder of Crows: Omnibus of last three titles above

1999: Temple of Night by S. P. Somtow

1999: The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams - anthology with the likes of Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins.  Peak 90s.

2000: Wicked Prayer by Norman Partridge - the first time I've noticed this, the movie was based on the tie-in novel

2001: Hellbound by A. A. Attanasio

Sunday, September 9, 2018

TM Gallery: Pulp

Weird Tales

Reprints from AbeBooks

Thrilling Mystery, March 1936
The Twisted Men by Hugh B. Cave The virus of idiocy was in the vile potion clutched in a dead man's hand. Cold Arms of the Demon by Jackson Cole Black Moonlight by G.T. Fleming-Roberts While forests burn, frozen corpses are found-and fanatic predicts the end of the world. The Howling Head by Beatice Morton Vengeance of the Snake-God by James Duncan Spider's Lair by C.K.M. Scanlon Blood of Gold by Wayne Rogers The Man Who Died Twice by Bret Altsheler 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

TM Gallery: Sci Fi

UFO 517 by Bron Fane (Lionel Fanthorpe)
Innumerable explanations have been put forward for the phenomena, known popularly as U.F.O'S and Flying Saucers. Eminent psychologists explain them as purely mental phantasmagoria - symptomatic of mankind's age-old desire for "saviours from the sky".
Enthusiastic arm-chair cosmonauts regard them as irrefutable proof that super intelligences from Out There are watching the Earth. A few un-scrupulous publicity seekers and practical jokers cash in on the public's curiosity and weird stories of little green men and pink ants go the rounds.
Amateur military tacticians decide that the saucers are either out new secret weapons or the experimental weapons of some alien power.
Interest rises and falls. The Great Debate continues.
There are some other possibilities . . . and the implications of some are so horrifying that mere monsters from Beyond would be a pleasant anti-climax. This mature, challenging novel is not recommended for those who like to think of the everyday world in terms of permanence and security with humanity safely established at the head of creation.
Elspeth Jermyn came dangerously close to the truth, and slowly but surely gathered a small group of helpers together. They worked in strictest secrecy against the Saucer Phenomena and the invidious menace behind it . . . if they failed, life would have no real meaning.

Imaginative Tales, September 1957

Thrilling Wonder Stories, June 1937

Thursday, September 6, 2018

TM Gallery: Horror Paperbacks

The Keeper by Robert Arthur Smith

8th Armada Ghost Book ed Mary Danby

Snowman by Norman Bogner
It left the Himalayas crazed with hunger. It trekked across the Asian wastes, making it's way from Siberia to Alaska and down the face of North America, with a desperate craving for human flesh. Then at last, on a serene California Mountain, at a lush ski resort, it found what it was after.