Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tie-ins: Timecop

I watched a local premier of Pulp Fiction, and ended up sitting directly behind Quentin Tarantino and Richard Linklater.  I was excited about film in general, and this was shaping up to be the high of my movie going life.

Then the movie started.  Quentin promptly fell asleep, and I almost joined him.  Around hour four I thought to myself, what was the last movie I saw before this?  Timecop.  I wouldn't put Timecop in the top ten of Van Damme movies, and I'd struggle to name another nine.  It was still better than Pulp Fiction.  I was never bored and staring at the exit sign at Timecop.

While not the greatest, I did appreciate the little butterfly effect touches.  Every time Timecop came back to the present, little things would be different all over.  I guess the concept had legs.  The film was based on a comic, and there was a TV series based on the film, and a series of novels based on the series.

The series was written by Dan Parkinson and have neither Van Damme nor Ron Silver.  I haven't seen anything Timecop since the original airing.  I have seen Pulp Fiction, and my opinion has only gotten worse.

1994: Timecop by Steve Perry - novelization of the film

1998: Viper's Spawn by Dan Parkinson

1998: The Scavenger by Dan Parkinson

1999: Blood Ties by Dan Parkinson

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