Friday, November 22, 2013

The Camp

The Camp
by Guy N Smith
1989 Sphere/Time Warner Paperback

The Camp refers to an all inclusive vacation resort on the coast of England, which is upsetting enough.  For some reason both the resort's management and the British government think that's the best place to test dangerous psychedelics on random vacationers.

The petty, dull holiday makers have complex delusions, such as a new ice age or illegal pregnancies.  There are some complications, so to keep things quiet a government assassin very nosily starts murdering the subjects and everyone around them.

Pretty tame stuff next to giant crabs and onanistic mystics, but that's what happens the further into the 80s we go.

Not much going on, and what there is doesn't make a ton of sense.  Smith wraps up loose ends

with an unlikely deus ex machina: a gang of skinheads swoop down and start setting everything on fire.  Which would have made for a better premise in the first place.

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