Thursday, January 9, 2014


John Russo
1980 Pocket Books

The children of satan worshipers grow up and kidnap victims to use in a ceremonial sacrifice.  It was relatively tame in terms of horror or exploitation, but it has a slimy film of sleaze and nihilism that appeals to me.  The book rambled about following various characters, often waiting several chapters before they entered the main narrative.  These sections were engaging enough character studies, but I can see how it may strike some readers as padding, especially for a book with this low of a body count.

Written by the co-creator of the Night of the Living Dead, Russo directed the film version a couple years later.

One gripe is that the book brings up the Holocaust in a couple of places, to compare it with the horrors the characters are going through.  It doesn't make the book any scarier or give it any gravitas, and just makes Russo a bit of a jerk for bringing it up.

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