Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TNT 5 - Killer Angel

Killer Angel
by Doug Masters
Charter Books 1986

Anthony Nicholas Twin is an Irish photographer that gains mild superhuman powers after being hit by an atomic bond, increasing his senses, speed, and endurance.  He's blackmailed into doing intelligence work by a gay germaphobe Arnold Benedict while he tries to care for his mentally disabled daughter October.

In this installment, Twin's plane makes an emergency landing in Albania, while coincidentally Benedict is there to wheel a deal.  The Albanian president's femme fatale wife is training political dissidents for the Olympics, using a mad scientist with robotic legs and his experiments in drugs and mind control to create super athletes.

Twin is forced to compete in games patterned after the labors of Hercules, and later has to escape from an elaborate underground complex.

A lesser entry in the series, not quite as over the top of the others I've read.  A more detailed and better look at Glorious Trash.

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