Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Bounty Hunter and the Hillside Strangler(s)

Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono were the Hillside Strangler, serial killers who claimed the lives of at least ten young women.  Prior to their arrest, they reportedly had a prostitution and blackmail racket going on.  They would force teenage girls into prostitution, using psychological torture involving snakes and such, and then later blackmail the johns.

A Los Angeles attorney was such a blackmail victim, and reportedly was on the receiving end of harassment and death threats when he didn't cooperate.  Instead, he sent in our old friend and star of a series of Men's Adventure novels, the Bounty Hunter himself William "Tiny" Boyles, who used his own brand of persuasion to settle the matter.

The matter evidently came up when court psychiatrists were determining if Bianchi was faking multiple personalities, but Bianchi denied the incident took place.  Since I doubt the lawyer in question came forward, I'm guessing Boyles is the sole source of the incident.  I'm sure he did it out of civic duty, as he's not the type to insert himself into ridiculous scenarios.

Couldn't find much on the incident.  There's an article in the Eugene Register-Guard, and an interview from Frontline: The Mind of a Murderer Part 2 (I only had the transcript, so I don't have the full context here)

For example, there was a interaction between Angelo and Mr. Bianchi, which must have been truly memorable, with an individual that occurred several years before he was arrested.

That individual was Mr. Tiny Boyles, a 440-pound, 6-foot body guard.  Some years ago, Tiny had run across Mr. Bianchi and Angelo Buono.  His meeting was to become significant in Dr. Orne's investigation.

But Tiny had discovered that Mr. Bianchi was not quite the all-American boy he had first seen.

"But you do know that they were running a ring of prostitution and using young girls, exploiting them, mainly for --the best I could find out in my investigation, they were using them for blackmail."

Tiny had learnt that while Mr. Bianchi and Angelo Buono were running a ring of underage prostitutes, they have fallen out with one of their clients, a Los Angeles lawyer.  To bring him around to their point of view, they made death threats against him, and the lawyer responded by sending Tiny Boyles and four of his friends to reason with him.

"Buono was working on a car detailing it, and I kept talking to him, he kept ignoring me.  So I reached in the window and took him out through the window so fast, so hard, he left his shoes in there.  And while I had him up in the air, I asked him if he'd all
mind paying attention to me.  So while I was dangling him in the air, he paid full attention, so I lowered him back down on the ground.  And I give him one of the lawyer's cards, and I told him, I said don't be offering to kill him no more, because the last thing in the world you wantin' is the replay of me."

"So how did Buono react to that?"

"He told me there'd be no more troubles."

"And what about Bianchi?"

"Bianchi's a little sniveling poo-butt.  But he was what you call the doc, what we call the perverted doc.  His job was if girls were scared of snakes he put snakes on them.  He done that to make sure they brought the money home.  He worked on their morbid fears.  He run behind a security door, which he'd already knew who we were, what we were, and he's behind his door holding the security door sniveling, please, don't hurt me, please, don't hurt me.

Well, we knew they were into something heavy, but we don't know what.  But if I'd had known he was killing those little young girls-- one of those girls was what, 13, 14 years old?  If I'd had known it, I got four daughters of my own, I'd snapped their neck like a twig and not had no remorse for it."
I'm glad to see Boyles taking such a bold moral stand there.  As a parent of four daughters, he has no problem with forcing underage girls into prostitution, heck, he'll help you cover it up if you pay him.  But serial murder is just one step over the line, brother.

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