Friday, March 21, 2014

TV Horror Anthology - Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1985-6 NBC, 1987-9 USA Network
76 episodes

This remake of the classic series featured some new stories, some remakes of originals, and colorized host footage of Alfred Hitchcock.  The series started out strong with the movie length pilot, and the first season featured names like Tim Burton, Ned Beatty, Martin Sheen, Yaphet Kotto, Jeff Fahey, and a young Joaquin Phoenix.

The series moved to the USA Network in season 2, joining that channel's memorable Saturday Nightmares lineup, but the show started a lengthy decline.  At least we get to see two acting powerhouses, Mark Hammil and Michael Ironside, working together.

I keep waiting for Billy Dee Williams to swoop up and catch him.

By season 3 it's pure Canadian community theater all the way down.  Halfway through this season the plots turn to "I double crossed you", "No, I'm the one that did the double crossing" pretzels, two in a row involving the butler doing or not doing it.  I haven't gotten to season 4 yet, and I'm not looking forward to it.  Start at the beginning with the knowledge that it doesn't get any better.

Here's my favorite, directed by Burt Reynolds of all people, and the unlikely casting combination of Martin Sheen, Marilu Henner, Robby Benson, and Parker Stevenson.

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