Saturday, July 12, 2014

Frankenstein Lives Again - Donald Glut

Frankenstein Lives Again
The New Adventures of Frankenstein 1
by Donald Glut
Mews 1977

Dr. Burt Winslow believes that Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was a factual account, buys the original castle Frankenstein, and heads to the arctic to recover the creature's remains.  The monster is frozen in a block of ice and worshipped by Eskimos like Captain America.  A chase and shootout later and Dr. Winslow is back to the castle.

The mayor and villagers are protesting, fearing that the doctor seeks to reanimate the creature and start the nightmare all over again.  The angry mob is the voice of reason here.

Meanwhile, Professor Dartani brings his Asylum of Horrors to town, a kind of traveling wax museum.  The mayor insults Dartani, who vows revenge.

Winslow revives the monster, vowing to treat him with respect and kindness unlike the original Dr. Frankenstein.  Unfortunately, his girlfriend is even kinder and frees the monster from his bindings.

After killing some villagers, the monster gets hypnotized by Dartani, who sends him after the mayor with a guillotine blade.

Winslow vows to destroy the monster, Dartani gets all creeper on the girlfriend, and it ends the way pretty much all Universal movies end.

Short and to the point, but the result is too much percentage goes to setting things up.  From what I've heard, things get more over the top in later installments, of which there are eleven total.  The first two are available for kindle.

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