Tuesday, August 25, 2015

African American Men's Adventure

Men's Adventure paperbacks cashed in on the Blaxploitation craze just like James Bond did with Live and Let Die and Marvel did with Luke Cage.  Most of these books fed directly off this trend, and a few fed back into it.

First, here's what I'm not going to talk about -

I'm purposely leaving out some masters in AA crime fiction, such as Chester Himes, Iceberg Slim, and Donald Goines.  These are the class acts, the Ian Flemings and Mickey Spillanes to the Nick Carters and Don Pendletons.

I'm also leaving out some more straightforward detective and cop fiction.

Several of the series below have AA authors, some most definitely don't.  This is more about the genre, not the creators.

Superspade by BB Johnson
6 books 1970-1

This one seems to predate the Blaxploitation film craze, but seems to have the same vibe.

Shaft by Ernest Tidyman
7 books 1971-5

Yeah, that Shaft.  The one that started (or at least popularized) it all.  Too bad they didn't make a movie out of "Shaft Among the Jews".

Iceman by Joseph Nazel
7 books 1973-5

A pimp and casino owner that fought the mob.  Gotta get me some of these.

Nazel also wrote several stand-alone books that would fit here - I'll have to do some more research to give him justice.  Some appear to be novelizations of films such as Black Gestapo and Black Exorcist - I think the movies came first, Nazel doesn't have any screen credits in IMDB.

Murder Master by Joseph Rosenberger
3 books 1973-4

Haven't read these, but I desperately want to.  I'm sure they handle race relations and dialogue in the sensitivity and respectful manner we've come to expect from Rosenberger.  I kid - he's a horrible racist and I'm sure these are horrible.  Still want to read them.

Black Samurai by Marc Olden
8 books 1974-5

American GI Robert Sand gets trained by Japanese Samurai and becomes a secret agent.  Made into an Al Adamson film with Jim Kelly in 1977.  This is the only series here available in ebook.

Black Angel by James D. Laurence
4 books 1975

The only female AA Men's Adventure character I know of.  I have no idea if she's like Pam Grier, but I'm hoping yes.

Aubrey Knight by Stephen Barnes
3 books 1983-93

Outside the genre, but I wanted to mention it.  This is a scifi action series about a null-gravity boxer in the future or something.

Am I missing anything?

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  1. Have you had any success finding the Iceman or Superspade series? Online searching is coming up with basically nil or extremely astronomical pricing...