Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Festering by Guy N Smith

The Festering
by Guy N Smith
1989 Arrow

Some people say "write what you know".  Guy Smith has evidently moved to the country and had a well installed.

In medieval times a man comes back from London to the country with the titular condition.  He's buried deep underground until this ancient evil is awakened centuries later.

But first, wells.  A good third of the book is nothing a city couple getting a well dug in their new country property.  From there, only most of the book is about wells, with occasional asides to people dying of puss-oozing boils.

Since this is Guy Smith, any fatal disease is accompanied by frantic prostitute killing, though he confines himself to "slags" and hallucinated prostitutes.

Nasty, sleazy, and gross, though not quite nasty, sleazy, and gross enough.  He really needed to go somewhere, other than repetitions of "Oh, yet another worker on the well has died a horrible festering death.  I guess I'll wait for the water tests to come back."

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