Thursday, February 4, 2016

Showdown at Guyamas by Logan Winters - Spectros 1

Showdown at Guyamas
by Logan Winters (Paul Lederer)
Spectros 1
1978 Manor Books

Spectros and crew get mixed up with a range war and train heist.  The cover and branding of this first installment don't betray any of the series' supernatural elements.

Some good storytelling, but Lederer is juggling so many plotlines I got lost trying figuring out what character is in what subplot and how they knew where everyone else was.  People just kind of show up when they're needed.

I know he needs to keep the villain alive for the next book, but don't make it so obvious.
Spectros is trying to save his beloved Kristina, but he's also trying to save the bandit who can clear Inkada's name and save him from a hanging.

Spectros and Blackschuster fight as birds with Spectros getting the upperhand.   Blackschuster is possibly dead, but not only does Spectros not spend ten seconds finishing him off, he seems to gently lower him to the ground before flying off to save Inkada.

At this point he gently herds the bandit for what should be miles back to town, all in the few minutes before Inkada's sunrise hanging.

Of course he doesn't fly right back to finish off Blackschuster or try to save Kristina. The team sticks around long enough to build a new house for someone before bothering to try to pick up the trail.

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