Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Things I Didn't Finish - Chimera by Stephen Gallagher

by Stephen Gallagher
1982 St. Martin's Press

After a looong prelude of a prisoner escaping from Auschwitz, we have the police securing the area around a rural fertility clinic in which all the doctors were massacred (off page).  A reporter, a nurse who was off duty at the time, and a father who lost his embryo come to town, fiddle with getting accommodations, then leave.  Could be a good enough first chapter, but we're 40% through the book.

The book eventually becomes a thriller, so I'm told, something about hiding a monkey boy from the government.  Way too slow so far, and I only started because I was expecting more of a horror novel, which this isn't.

Gallagher has written for British TV and adapted the book for an ITV miniseries, which was then chopped up to make Money Boy,

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