Monday, April 3, 2017

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Two words I don't associate with England: Pleasure and Beach.  The British seaside resorts strike me as equal parts sleazy and depressing, but my closest direct experience has been through Benny Hill skits, so what do I know.

At a distance, the seaside parks struck me as a third rate Coney Island, which itself is a third rate Six Flags or Kennywood, which etc., etc.  Taking a closer look, they have up-to-date rides, meaning roller coasters, corporate sponsorship, and light guns.  However, there are a few treats to be found.

What Blackpool Pleasure Beachs lacks in theming in makes up for in multilayered claustrophobia, with rides and walkways piled up haphazardly on top of each other.  I've always enjoyed intertwining paths and being able to see other rides from the ride I'm on, something Disney only has with the Peoplemover.

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